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Japan Trip, Kansai Region

This was our first trip to Japan, a country we always wanted to visit. Our travel took us to the Kansai region covering cities Osaka, Nara and Kyoto.

This trip again is done on backpacking. Below was our itinerary:

Transit via Dubai International Airport

On our flight from Malaysia to UK, we are transiting via Dubai. Dubai airport is home to the largest operator of A380, Emirates

2 weeks Travel UK/Europe

We spent 2 weeks travel on backpacking to UK and parts of Europe.

Our destination included,

  • London, UK
  • York, UK
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Paris, France
  • Florence, Italy
  • Rome, Italy

Our first destination will be London.

Ghent, Belgium

During a business trip to Belgium, I had the opportunity to visit Ghent. Leaving from the town of Liege, it takes around 2 hours by train to Ghent.

The Liege train station, Liege Guillemins has a really beautiful architecture

To get to Ghent take the train that is heading to Ostende

The train stop at Ghent is at Gent Sint Pieters station

From here to Ghent town it’s easiest to take a tram. You can get a 1 day pass for EUR6 from any of the ticket machines, please take note these are located outside the train station.

Best place to start exploring is getting off the tram stop at Gravensteen where the tourist office is.

As it was only a day trip for me i only managed to cover the most popular sights. 

Inside St Bavo’s cathedral 

The Belfry

The Gravensteen 

At Graslei 

Around the canals

At Graslei there are many boat tours which cost around EUR7 for those interested in the river cruise. Ghent is really beautiful and easily can be explored by foot or trams. Given more time the day city card is good value that covers transport and entries into most attractions.

Roermond Designer Outlets

Roermond designer outlets in Netherlands is a popular shopping place for designer brands at discounted prices. Here many popular brands like Nike, Timberland, Coach, Prada can be found. Allocate at least a full day (if not more) 😀

On weekends it can get pretty crowded


Drielandenpunt, Vaals

I am heading to Drielandenpunt in Vaals (a town in Netherlands) where the borders of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet. There is also a viewing point where these 3 countries can be seen.     

Aachen Hbf

It can be reached by taking a train to Aachen then take a bus from Aachen Hbf to Vaals. From Vaals town it will be a short hike to Drielandenpunt. 


Backpacking in Netherlands, Germany and Austria

We did our first backpacking holiday covering the Netherlands, Germany and Austria over 8 days. 

The trip started in Amsterdam which we flew in from Kuala Lumpur on KLM non-stop flight. Flight time around 12 hours.

Our trip will cover mostly Germany and much usage of trains, hence, we made use of a Rail pass covering just Germany as this pass is available for selected countries of choice. We chose a 5-day flexi pass which gives the flexibility to select the days to use it (can be non-consecutive). The pass covers all trains such as intercity (including ICE but non-reserved seats) and local trains but not buses, trams and subways within cities.

 We bought the pass in Kuala Lumpur (from MSL) prior to the trip.

German Pass 5-day flexi for 2 adults and 1 youth (for eligible and is cheaper)

Here’s some helpful information on the rail pass:

  • For our train from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Cologne (Germany), the Germany rail pass is valid after the Netherlands border therefore purchase a supplemental ticket to cover from Amsterdam to Germany border station (in our case to Emmerich). This way both supplemental and rail pass ticket can cover the single train journey
  • For our final leg overnight City Night Line train (unfortunately DB the operator has stopped all overnight trains) from Munich to Amsterdam, we use the same method with the rail pass, purchasing additional for the beds and supplemental for the Netherlands part. Use the tickets offices at stations to book this as these options are not available from the website or kiosks
  • The rail pass is valid for all German high speed trains like ICE but only on non-reserved seats. Most of the time these seats are available but for popular routes and during peak hours it can be a challenge to get seats. Booking reserved seats is possible with additional fee, but we did not use it
  • Try to use as much high speed or express trains to cut journey time. Use google maps for information on best train options
  • A bonus of the German rail pass, it can be used to travel to some cities outside of Germany ( We used this to travel from Munich to Salzburg and is valid also for high speed trains such as the OBB Railjet

  Our travel itinerary as below:

Day 1 – Amsterdam, Cologne and Cochem

Day 2 – Burg Eltz and Trier

Day 3 – Cochem’s castle and vineyards

Day 4 – Middle Rhine cruise St Goar to Bacharach and Munich

Day 5 – Munich

Day 6 – Salzburg, Austria 

Day 7 – Amsterdam

Day 8 –  Zaanse Schans

Osprey Farpoint 70 Backpack

We love to travel, especially backpacking. For this, we have chosen the Osprey Farpoint 70 which actually consists of 2 bags, the main bag with 55 litres and a day pack of 15 litres.

The Farpoint 70 is really well designed and have excellent features including suitcase style opening (instead of the traditional top load backpack), a foldable cover for the straps to avoid getting caught on luggage belts during check-in and the daypack can either be rear or front mounted.

For a week’s travel, it’s probably sufficient to cater for 1-2 person.  We used this bag recently for the first time during our 1-week travel to Europe.


Bandar Tasik Puteri and Kundang via LATAR

With the opening of the Kundang exit on LATAR highway one can now get to Bandar Tasik Puteri and Kundang in Rawang directly thereby bypassing the main Rawang toll on the PLUS highway.

This saves a lot of time due to the heavy traffic flow on the main Rawang road if one is directly heading to these two locations.

You can get there via the Guthrie highway. If heading from Bukit Jelutong towards the north, exit the 3rd toll which is Lagong toll (1st being Bukit Jelutong and 2nd is the Elmina toll).

Next, exit to LATAR highway heading towards Bestari Jaya/Kuala Selangor.


Once on LATAR, it’s the first exit. There is a toll just before the exit but currently is free usage till Dec 2014.



Try it…

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Bangkok (Nov 2013)

We are visiting Bangkok, Thailand for the first time. It’s a 2 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). 


Below is the touchscreen entertainment on Malaysia Airlines newest 737-800

imageArriving at Suvarnabhumi International airport we first picked up a local SIM to get access to mobile data and calls. There are 2 shops located outside the arrival gates. We chose this one which cost 300 baht (around RM 30) which gives around RM 10 worth calls and unlimited Internet access for 7 days. Perfect for keeping in touch cheaply.



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