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Upgrading the MacBook Pro 15 with SSD and 16GB

Decided to DIY upgrade my Macbook Pro 15″ which is a mid-2013 model with 500GB HDD and 4GB RAM. This way is much cheaper as compared to sending it back to Machines or using original Mac components. Since i will be doing video editing with Final Cut Pro X, the increased memory will benefit especially for HD content.

Upgrading is fairly simple provided you have all the right components (read: compatible!).

First start by removing all the screws from the bottom base plate. There are 2 latches somewhere in the center that connect the bottom base plate to the body so some strength might be required to pop the base. Once removed, the memory modules are in the center and the HDD at the top right


Starting with the memory, shall be using the Corsair 16GB (2 x 8GB) which is Mac-compatible.



Remove the standard memory module by releasing the side catches.


Nex, replace with the Corsairs.


Now for the SSD which i shall be using the Crucial M4 128GB. Start by removing the standard HDD and disconnect the SATA cable.


Install the SSD and reconnect the SATA cable.




Replace back the base plate and it’s done.

To reinstall back OS X Mountain Lion i used the Internet recovery method (can refer here Make sure you create the correct partition on the SSD first.

And finally, shown here is the system with 16GB memory. Running OS X on the SSD is fast. Booting up now takes only mere seconds and overall system is very responsive. I would highly recommend these upgrades for the Macbook Pro.