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Roomba’s first run


Roomba 561 in action

Operating the Roomba is quite simple, just press on the large ‘clean’ button and off it goes whilst you go do something else šŸ™‚ After running for about an hour, it headed back to the base to recharge itself. Oh ya, you can even setup a schedule for it to run automatically.

However, there are some quirks like:

  • it can climb over some chair which have horizontal floor support (like Ikea ones), not sure if long term will damageĀ the baseĀ or the wheels
  • it will push light rugs around rather than go over them to vacuum it
  • the path is quite random it doesn’t always cover all of the floor surface

Irobot Roomba 561 docking from Eddie Low on Vimeo.

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iRobot Roomba 561

Meet our new domestic cleaner robot…

Finally we have invested on one, and none other than the popular iRobot brand. We managed to order it from a local online seller here in Malaysia.



Installing Crucial M4 128GB SSD (DELL E6410)

I’ve finally managed to install the SSD (replacing the stock harddrive) after facing some issues. Here are the installation steps:

  1. Update the notebook BIOS from A01 to A12. In between, have to first patch A01 with Patch 02, then apply BIOS update A09 before finally updating to A12. Had quite some trouble to flash the BIOS from Windows, ended creating a bootable USB drive with help from here,
  2. Change BIOS SATA from “RAID” to “AHCI”
  3. Install fresh Win7 64-bit to the SSD
  4. Apply all the DELL drivers
  5. Tweaked Win7 settings as per this advise to increase SSD lifespan,Ā (SSD drives suffer from write wear, here’s an article for more details on it,

With the SSD improvement is immediately noticeable, especially Windows 7 started up really quick, same goes when starting up applications. After the installation of Windows 7 and Office 2007, there is still about 90GB free space available.

Running AS SSD benchmark gave the following results:

1st benchmark run.

2nd benchmark run